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We’re back! After a long hiatus, the Brewsaders are back and haven’t lost a step. There have been a lot of changes since last we left you, Matt’s grown a beard and Dave’s explored the lower western states of America. We’re drinking Super Typhoon Double IPA by Tree House Brewing Co. We talk about Dave […]

It’s a special episode today, in addition to Matty Mayhem and Dave “The Skinny Guinea” Caggiano, we’re joined by Jill “The Thrill.” We’re also talking chicken nuggets and we’ve got the big three throwing down as we pit McDonald’s vs. Burger King vs. Wendy’s in a no holds barred battle royale. We’ve also got a […]

Matty Mayhem talks about his somewhat busy weekend and Dave gets deep in this one. Beer featured in this episode: Rhinegeist – Saber Tooth Tiger |8.5% ABV| Prehistoric IPA with potent notes of papaya, mango and peach yet finishes crisp clean citrus bitterness. The Tap Brewing Co. – Maize-A-Faire |4.5% ABV| A touch of flavor, […]

The Brewsaders start this one off talking about a rasslin’ event that Matty Mayhem went to over the weekend. We’re drinking Joppa Grande from NBPT Brewing Co, their 1635 series stout. Matt’s got an idea for a new business venture and Dave gives some great suggestions that’ll probably go forgotten. Dave thinks he knows where […]

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March 28, 2018

In this one, the Brewsaders consume Death. But first they’re going to try Poitín (pronounced put-cheen), the precursor to whiskey. Dave and Matty swap “straight back up” vomit stories. Dave’s senior summer was more intense than anything anyone has ever done. Dave and Matt have differentiating opinions on Jimi Hendrix, which leads to a conversation […]

Zip! Zap! Zop! Dave hates improv groups and gets offended by the word ‘girlfriend.’ Somewhere along the line there’s a leaked sex tape. Matt and Dave don’t quite understand British humor, they do however agree on the douchiness of Russell Brand. Matty Mayhem drops some history knowledge and is quickly outdone by Dave. Matt takes […]

Matty and Dave are back and they’re discussing their ideal recording studio locations. A nor’easter came rolled through and stole Matty’s bungee cords. Dave takes a trip to a vineyard to learn about wine, and Matty and Dave talk about the preferred marshmallow toasting methods. Beers reviewed in this episode: Collective Arts Brewing – Radio […]

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February 28, 2018

Matty Mayhem and Dave are not in the mood for your shit in this one. Dave tells a story of his exceptional drum skills. Dave educates Matt on who has perfect pitch. Matt talks about the one time he went to Vermont and his uncontrollable urges passed down from his ancestors. Dave and Matt are […]

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February 21, 2018

Matty and Dave talk a little comedy in this one. Somerville Community Access Television is holding Dave’s footage hostage and he wants it back. Matty’s been a douche since the iPhone1. They discuss addictive type personalities, blood transfusions, and the physics behind decreasing the freezing point of water. All this and much more in this […]

It’s the fourth episode of Single Batch.  In this episode, Dave continues his discussion on the financial toll of a wedding and the modern marriage.  He also takes some callers and decides he wants to marry a lesbian general contractor.  Tie down the lawn chairs, board up the shutters, and panic uncontrollably: it’s Single Batch! […]

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