Get your Brewsader’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Here Matty Mayhem starts this one off with a controversial question about the rights of the elderly. Dave tells us the proper etiquette when sharing the road with an emergency vehicle. They switch to a more light-hearted topic and discuss the movies and music they’ve been enjoying as of […]

The Brewsaders are facing the apocalypse in this one with different “what if” scenarios and determine if they could survive. Matty Mayhem is still climbing the hiscore mountain when it comes to Burger Time, Dave tells us his political positions on question #1, and Nevada elected a dead person to office. All this and probably […]

This episode, the Brewsaders are talking everything. We’re starting the fall season off right with a pumpkin beer that doesn’t suck. Dave revisits a story from an episode from our past and offers a part two. We discuss if barbers are like strippers, and we may wedge a produce joke in there somewhere. Check out […]

Take a stand or take a knee, the Brewsaders really don’t care. Also memes are not the appropriate way of communicating your serious feelings. This time we’re really drinking Finback beers. We also talk a little bit about the marathon that a game of Monopoly or Risk turns into. All this and maybe a little […]

We’re talking raw meat consumption and the marination process and it’s effect on the structure of the meat. Police should be authorized to utilize nunchucks and other ninja weaponry to whoop some criminal ass. Matt and Dave discuss the benefits of having a beer podcast and also what they got made fun of in school […]

We’re drinking Dave’s favorite cider in this one, Lei – a sweet and spicy twist on cider. Both of the Brewsaders take a trip to the theater to see Book of Mormon but not together. Dave goes on a road trip to visit four of Maine’s top breweries. And Matty tells the story of a […]

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August 14, 2018

Viking Blod

Skål! We’re delving into Matty Mayhem’s Scandinavian heritage and drinking some Viking Blod mead by Dansk Mjød. This golden elixir is 19% ABV but goes down nice and easy like honey. Dave takes a spontaneous trip to New York City to see some comedy and do the regular tourist stuff. Matt is becoming obsessed with trying […]

We’re mixing up some phenobarbital and applesauce and catching a spaceship to “The Evolutionary Level Above Human,” in our first edition of “Beyond the Pales.” Join us as we explore the UFO cult that ruined a sneaker for Nike, informed the public of a secret spaceship trailing the Hale-Bopp comet, and committed the largest mass […]

There’s no better feeling than the wind coursing through your beard and Matt likes to lord that over Dave. Almost as good of a feeling is drinking a beer from Trillium Brewing Co. and we’re drinking three today. Dave recently took a trip to the Canton taproom with an old friend of the podcast, Flex […]

We’re mansplaining our 50th episode extravaganza, well extravaganza isn’t the word we’d use because we don’t really acknowledge it all. Dave doesn’t fit in with the comedy clique in the liberal Boston scene. We drink ‘Virtuoso,’ which is what we believe to be the best beer by Lord Hobo Brewing. Matt takes a risk and […]

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