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September 20, 2017

Matty Mayhem and the Skinny Guinea are getting drunk on this one with some high alcohol content beers. We’re drinking Ten Fidy by Oskar Blues Brewery and DKML from Founders Brewing. Skinny Guinea shares a story from his time as an EMT then reveals that he enjoys a nice musical. We also learn that cocaine […]

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September 12, 2017

We’re getting scientific on this one as we discuss the proper way of eating cheese of the string variety. ‘It’ is out in theatres and that means goddamn clowns are everywhere again. Matty Mayhem and the Skinny Guinea crack the code on how to make an effective brewery website. Chuck E Cheese tokens, Disney suicide, […]

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September 5, 2017

This week you get the pleasure of listening to Matty Mayhem and the Skinny Guinea talk about life, discuss which is more offensive, Satanism or Atheism, and conversate about how the government gets to choose who lives and who dies. We’re drinking Golden City NE Style IPA by Down The Road Beer Co. and Pressure […]

After a little hiatus, we’re back with… seltzer water??? That’s right, for reasons beyond Matty Mayhem we’re drinking Unicorn Kisses by Polar Beverages. When we finally move on to beer since we are a beer podcast, we’ve got Mosaic Session IPA by Blue Point Brewing Co. Oh yeah, FLEX IS BACK! Follow the Brewsaders on […]

In this episode, we’re taking a trip down south to Mississippi. We’ve got Southern Hops’pitality by Lazy Magnolia Brewery and Devil’s Harvest by Southern Prohibition Brewing. Follow the Brewsaders on social media at: Facebook: TheBrewsaders Twitter: @theBrewsaders Instagram: BrewsadersPodcast Untappd: @BrewsadersPodcast

Mayhem, Binks, and the Skinny Guinea are drinking beer but you knew that. In this episode, we’re drinking Strange Arrangement by Castle Island Brewing, and in honor of the season premiere of Game of Thrones, we’re drinking Game of Thrones by Ommegang Brewery. On today’s agenda, we’ve got conjoined twins, a story from Snapchat about […]

We’re having a party in honor of America, a Zima party! Back for a limited release and after this episode, we understand why.  Flex and Binks couldn’t make it for this one either, so we called in the big guns. We’ve got Jill the Thrill filling in the three hole on this episode. We’re still […]

This week it’s just Mayhem and the Skinny Guinea. Since there’s only two of us we’re drinking Two Juicy by Two Roads. And in honor of the last two person episode we had, we’re drinking another beer from Trillium Brewing Co. Swaggs and Mayhem get ‘existential’ in this one and discuss all sorts of stuff […]

It’s a hot one out there, so this episode we’re drinking “Sip of Sunshine” by Lawson’s Finest Liquids. Also on the menu in this one is “So Much For Subtlety” by Lamplighter Brewing Co. Swaggs presents ‘Storytime with The Brewsaders.’ The heat gets to The Brewsaders in this one and for that, it’s a shorter […]

This week Matty Mayhem and Flex talk about Beer Advocate’s Microbrew Invitational they attended the previous weekend. The Skinny Guinea went on a hike, and Flex jumped out of a plane. Binks talks trucks briefly. This week we’re drinking You Thirsty? by Revival Brewing Co and Shut Up Meg! by Evil Genius Beer Co.   […]

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