single batch

It’s the third episode of Single Batch. In this episode, Dave discusses whether a wedding is worth the cost, asks for dating advice, and nearly witnesses a suicide. Keep your enemies close, your cholesterol low, and your head on a swivel: It’s Single Batch! Call in and ask Dave your questions using the Brewsaders hotline: […]

It’s the very second episode of Single Batch with Dave Caggiano.  In this episode, Dave discusses teenage overdoses, corrupt doctors, and gets angry at a Chipotle employee.  Put the kids to bed, run a hot bath, and prepare for the soothing ramblings of a young Italian man with a chest cold: It’s Single Batch! Call […]

It’s the very first episode of Single Batch with Dave Caggiano. Dave recounts his first experience with an overdose. He explains what Fentanyl is and how it interacts with the brain and what Naloxone/Narcan is and how it counteracts the opioid. Dave gives some stats that may astound you about the burden this crisis is […]

It’s our ‘Christmas Spectacular’ episode but more importantly, it’s our ‘Tree House Brewing Co. Extravaganza!’ We’re drinking three different beers from Tree House Brewing Co. First up we’ve got Bright with Citra, followed up by Green, and then we finish up with Haze. We discuss our favorite and least favorite Christmas songs and talk about which […]

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